I don’t know about anyone else who has Ichthyosis who has been bullied as a child for their appearance, but I am triggered when people make comments about my skin. You know what is even more difficult to deal with though? Guess. When kids say similar things to you that the bullies said to you […]

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It is the last day of Ichthyosis Awareness Month and I would like to share my experience. Some of you know about it, some of you don’t but this is a very brutally-honest reflection of my experience as someone with a visible genetic disorder. Just to warn you, I swear a little bit in this […]

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What did you say?

Hello everyone! 🙂 It has been almost 2 weeks since my last entry and now I finally have some time and decided on what I wanted to write about. This particular post was inspired by something someone said to me yesterday regarding my skin. So as many of you in the Ichthyosis community have experienced, strangers […]

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